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Who tested VisualEditor before the 01 July 2013 deployment?
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I'd like to contact people who tested VisualEditor when it was in alpha phase.

  • Suggested criteria: anyone who used VisualEditor between December 2012 and 30 June 2013 (or 01 June, if you want to exclude people who did testing after deployment announcements began) on
  • You can include people from the other big Wikipedias which had it back then if you want.
  • Please exclude any inactive users, as contacting them is unlikely to be productive.
  • Please exclude (or flag) anyone on any of the other related lists.
  • I'm hoping for a list that is about 20 to 200 names long. If necessary, choose people who made the most edits in VisualEditor back then.

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Erica found a bug, because Erica is awesome :). Rerunning.


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(Meant to reopen this.)

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(You Declined it, though?)

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@Elitre try this one?

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Seems legit. yay!

Closing then?