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Devanagari (Nepali) Text not properly rendered in PDF created by Collection extension
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Thanks a lot for enabling Collection Extension in Nepali Wikipedia , it's really useful but we are facing issues since the pdf file generated is not much useful .

OS : Windows and Mac , Browsers : Firefox and Chrome

Steps to Reproduce the bug :

Actual result :

  • PDF extension is working on a straight forward manner ( byte stream ) without proper rendering or lay outing

Expected result :

  • Should support Devanagari rendering rather than just creating the pdf on the basis of byte stream please see the examples


Suggestion : Text Shaping engines like harfbuzz : pretty well for Devanagari including Nepali



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@sarojdhakal: As you added the "Patch-For-Review" project here, please link to your patch in Gerrit that awaits review. Removing that project for the time being.

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@sarojdhakal: Did you talk to demon before, or why did you assign this task to him?

Just created the subtask under the task to enable collection extension, those are the default options taken, I did not modify it . I do not have patch to submit at the moment

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There is no issue like this in Hindi Wikipedia :

But in All other devanagari based wikipedias :

  1. Newari Wikipedia :
  2. Nepali Wikipedia :
  3. Maithili Wikipedia :

Any customization to collection extension in Hindi wikipedia that could possibly fix this issue

@sarojdhakal: Did you talk to Dereckson before, or why did you assign this task to him?

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By lack of rationale for the assignment (and as I'm not currently working on this issue), I reset this task's assignee.

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If I'm not mistaken, @cscott is the main maintainer of this extension.

If Hindi works, other Devanagari-based languages should work, too, so it may be just a simple configuration issue, but I'm really not an expert.

Yes, this is an issue with the mw-ocg-latexer package. We do have Devanagari support, so this is probably just a matter of adding the right configuration for newiki.

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Change 212438 had a related patch set uploaded (by Cscott):
T92817: improve text rendering for nepali languages.

Change 212438 merged by jenkins-bot:
T92817: improve text rendering for nepali languages.

I am using
as test cases. I just deployed which should improve rendering.
If there are still remaining problems, could you illustrate them with sections from one of the above three pages, if possible? That would help me see the problem and confirm when I've fixed it.

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Biplab Anand says: "After the patch to OCG. The PDF export results looks pretty good. Happy to say the task is resolved after so long."