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Date and some other type of values sometimes cut off when saving
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sometimes dates get prematurely saved with the value (e.g. year) cut off or short.

this is what i entered and is displayed ("1 March 2008") on before reloading:

pasted_file (285×1 px, 19 KB)

in the history, "Changed claim: Property:P121: 1 March 200)"

pasted_file (327×1 px, 189 KB)

on reload:

pasted_file (373×1 px, 27 KB)

the issue especially happens if I hit save too quickly. It's as if the formatting is not completed when it saves.

this issue might also happen with other data types, like strings and wikibase item id values.

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in many cases, i might never reload the page or check the history, so the error could easily go unnoticed.

on my dev wiki:

pasted_file (307×1 px, 488 KB)

5 out of 10 of these date edits got cut off. :(

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Would the best solution here not be to record the value in the input box when the parse call is done, on return on the parse call if the value in the input box has changed then DO NOT enable the save button and instead fire another parse call?

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