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Add notification setting for pings
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I want to receive e-mails only from comments where I have pings from other users. There doesn't seem to be a control for this.

Comments notifications encapsulate a broad array of things.

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I'm afraid for the time being you have to set up mail filters for this (if you use mail notifications).

I was trying to disable all Maniphest notifications except "Other commit activity not listed above occurs", but I got no notification for this ping above. Feel free to try other combinations of setting to see what gets you closest to "notification settings for pings". I would like to gather more precise information about what we have before filing this task upstream.

I think the request is legitimate. implies that at some point the X-Phabricator-Mail-Stamps header will include mention(@username).
Also see

X-Phabricator-Mail-Stamps are now available, see
So you could filter emails at least and throw away everything else. Which is not perfect, but possible now.
Hence closing as declined as a work around is now possible.