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Trim selections with <span>-wrapped whitespace on the start/end when creating a link
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Very similar to T53023 but for internal links.

Please prevent VE from creating links like [[1970|1970 ]], this makes ugly wikitext which is lot more difficult to maintain than necessary.

Exemple of edit with multiple links like that created:

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We already trim whitespace from the start and end of selection when creating a new link annotation (and any other kind of annotation, too). If you really mean to include whitespace in it, you modify the annotation after inserting it.

But this is a different issue. Here's the Parsoid HTML corresponding to * 1970 : ''Les Camisards'' de René Allio in the source:

<ul data-parsoid='{"dsr":[7717,8284,0,0]}'><li data-parsoid='{"dsr":[7717,7757,1,0]}'> 1970<span typeof="mw:Placeholder" data-parsoid='{"src":" ","isDisplayHack":true,"dsr":[7723,7724,null,0]}'> </span>: <i data-parsoid='{"dsr":[7726,7743,2,2]}'>Les Camisards</i> de René Allio</li>

The <span typeof="mw:Placeholder"> gets alienated in VE and thus is not treated as whitespace. Perhaps we should handle in it VE, or perhaps Parsoid should stop emitting those ("isDisplayHack":true indeed). This seems related to the "French spaces" feature in the PHP parser, where it converts : (and similar) to &nbsp;: in order to prevent incorrect line breaking in correctly punctuated French-language text. (This is applied in all languages nevertheless.)

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Given these don't occur in the English Wikipedia, I'll drop this from Q3 goals and move to Q4.

Affects spaces preceding ?, :, ;, ! and %, and around guillemet quotes, which are all indeed rare and usually incorrect in other languages.

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Thanks to changes in Parsoid this is now no longer an issue, I believe.