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Return status from streamFile
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  1. MediaTransformOutput::streamFile() and FileRepo::streamFile() should not convert the Status object to boolean when returning success/failure
  2. callers to these functions (at least thumb.php, img_auth.php, SpecialUndelete#showFile, SpecialRevisiondelete#tryShowFile and SpecialUploadStash#outputLocalFile) should look at the return value and raise a proper error if the streaming failed.

(Split from T92545.)

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MediaTransformOutput::streamFile() has been deprecated since 1.26, and streamFileWithStatus exists since 1.27 (?). FileRepo's streamFile has been removed in it's entirety.

Added MediaTransformOutput::streamFile() to T259108: Drop legacy hard-deprecated code from MediaWiki ahead of MediaWiki 1.36 release.