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Bug: jquery.jStorage saved data lost on logout
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When user logs out of Wikipedia and in again, all data that was saved in browser locally through jquery.jStorage module is gone. Try the example code below. It saves Date() values at the page loading time and displays all saved values. The values are incrementally added until you log out and in again.

mw.loader.load( 'jquery.jStorage' );
	var value = new Date();
	var key = value.getTime();	
	$.jStorage.set( key, value.toString() );
	var jSindex = $.jStorage.index();	
	var i;
	var txt = "You have loaded the script at following times:\n\n";	
	for	(i = 0; i < jSindex.length; i++) {
		txt += (i + 1) + ". " + $.jStorage.get(jSindex[i]) + ",\n";
	alert (txt);

This is a problem because logout happens to all users from time to time. It means that all the data saved locally through, for example, a userscript, will be lost eventually.
Tested the code on with the same result. I run the script loaded from localhost with

mw.loader.load('https://localhost/wikipediatest.js', 'text/javascript');


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This might be a stupid question, but why are userscripts saved locally (and what kind of userscripts)?
And how is this more important than forcing a logout from a time to time when it comes to security?

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Userscripts can be saved locally during their development. This way frequent changes made to the script will not pollute history. It's a recommended way of developing userscripts per (Userscript in Wikipedia terms can be any script written in Javascript that is inserted into the page).
Loading a local script is no different than having it load from Wikipedia server, just source is different.

The purpose of browser local storage is to have data saved locally for indefinite time (if you don't set TTL parameter). Deleting the data defeats this purpose.

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Just did some tests and now the data is not lost on server after logging out and back in. In the live server the data is lost.

Just did some tests and now the data is not lost on server after logging out and back in. In the live server the data is lost.

I haven't investigated, but (especially given what you said about test2) I'm not sure this has anything to do with logging out. It may actually be a symptom of T66721: should not occupy all of localStorage.

I have tested saving data with using Javascript localStorage.setItem directly (without using jquery.jStorage wrapper). In this case data is consistently recorded and survives logging out and in.