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Improve contributions page entry point by adding 3 explicit ways to contribute
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Improving the Contributions page

Provide a quick way to to start an article, upload a file or create a translation. This is an iteration on the previous design in which issues were identified. Those are explained in T88586.

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Check this prototype to get an idea.
Acceptance criteria:

  1. A new "New contribution" section is added above the existing "User contributions" section.
  2. Three buttons are provided for creating an article, uploading media, and access the translation dashboard (this will replace the current drop-down menu).
    1. Article creation action should be labeled as "new page" (this doesn't match the prototype) and link to some place where users can start a new article. One option is the wanted pages list, but we may find a better place.
    2. "Upload media" links to the upload wizard.
    3. "Translate" links to the Content Translation Dashboard (showing the suggestions panel if that exists).
  3. Each button may have a blue highlighted corner when there is an event worth highlighting (in the prototype it is shown for "translate"):
    1. At the moment, it will be present for the "translate" button the first time the user views this component (to communicate that there is a new way to contribute), only the first time.
  4. Each button will have a corresponding tooltip on hover that will provide more details on the actions.

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Change 200120 had a related patch set uploaded (by Santhosh):
Improve contributions page entry point by adding 3 ways to contribute

@Pginer-WMF, can you clarify whether this is for people who enabled beta feature or for everybody?
Current contributions entry point is hidden inside beta feature

@santhosh the idea was to launch it initially as part of the beta feature, and consider making it widely available after that.
We tested the idea with users in a prototype and it was well received, once we see how it works in practice we'll have evidence to propose and discuss the graduation of this component (which can happen in the short term, before the rest of CX graduates from beta). Other teams may also want to extend the contributions entry point with other kinds of contributions.

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Improve contributions page entry point by adding 3 ways to contribute

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