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Create an admin user for the pdns db
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Designate has scripts that monkey with the pdns database schema during upgrades (it wants to add some metadata tables and such.)

Rather than grant rights to the standard pdns user for this, let's set up an admin user with such rights. I can just twiddle the settings in designate to use the admin user when appropriate.

The connection URL used here is: mysql://pdns:xxxx@m1-master.eqiad.wmnet/pdns

I propose an alternate for admin tasks of:

The connection URL used here is: mysql://pdns_admin:xxxx@m1-master.eqiad.wmnet/pdns

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Change 197367 had a related patch set uploaded (by Andrew Bogott):
Add support for a pdns db admin account.

grants for DDL (alter, drop, create) and standard usage grants given to the dedicated user.

Change 197367 merged by Andrew Bogott:
Add support for a pdns db admin account.