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As a user, I would like for search to give me good results irrespective of whether I get my query's casing correct or not
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A user reported that they were frustrated that their search results totally changed when they changed the casing of their query. See the below screenshots. It would be nice if we could do better than this since, for example, Google is totally case insensitive for this same query.

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The examples show a WrestleReunion and an E57.
CirrusSearch tokenizer creates term boundaries terms inside camelCase and 4tokenizing forms.
It matters whether there were "quotes" around the search term.
Please ask at the talk page of CirrusSearch, where someone should be obligagated to say:

-parserfunctionparserFunctionparser functionparser-functionNote
parserfunctionYesYesNoNoCase insensitive
"parser function"NoNoYesYesCase insensitive
parser_functionNoYesYesYesCase insensitive
parserFunctionYesYesYesYesCase insensitive
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Interestingly, the completion suggester does much better at this; the only result for both queries listed in the example is "It Follows", which is pretty correct.

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