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On mobile, the Flow notification's link takes you to the desktop version of the Flow page, even though the main (background) link takes you to the mobile one
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  • Topic Foo responded on Pagename -- ("Topic" goes to desktop, background to mobile) <- bug
  • Topic Foo created a new topic on Pagename -- ("Topic" goes to desktop, background to mobile) <- bug
  • Foo mentioned you in their [post] in "Topic" on "Pagename" -- ([post] goes to desktop, background to mobile) <- bug
  • Foo thanked you for [your comment] in "Topic" on Pagename -- (only a background link which goes to mobile) <- success

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Which notification was it (new topic, thanks, etc.)?

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I've added a description, with details

we should be able to write a test that renders all the possible notifications in both mobile and desktop, and then looks at all the links in the final html

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