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Nepali Wikipedia Numbering is in English Numerals
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Reproducible in all platforms (OS and browsers )

Steps to reproduce :

  1. Go to newiki :
  2. Write an article or text on any page
  3. Write someting with ordered list (ol ) with #

Actual result :

  • List Item begin with English numerals (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0)

Expected result :

  • List item should begin with Nepali/Devanagari numeral ( १,२,३,४,५,६,७,८,९,०)

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Isn't this intentional? Seeविकिपीडिया:अंक_परिवर्तक - when setting the dropdown to १२३ it is displayed correctly.
If that does not work for you, please provide a link where the problem can be seen.

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Would it be possible to make Devanagari Numerals by default(because it's
official) and then let people change it to whatever system needed

​Please see here :

TOC has devanagari numerals and ol has English numerals what an epic
inconsistency ?​

I can find the community consensus if needed to convince you .

By default the option in that (custom and on-wiki) dropdown is "डिफल्ट" and I assume that default is defined somewhere inमीडियाविकि:Gadget-Numeral_converter.js ? (I don't know, I'm not a developer.)

The authors of that script might know?

Might be something to discuss on-wiki and off-topic here in Phabricator as this seems to be on-wiki code. But if the default is somewhere defined in the codebase of MediaWiki itself it might be totally correct here in Phabricator.
I've asked in #mediawiki-i18n on IRC if someone knows...

List item numbering (<ol><li>) cannot be customised in the same way as other numbers are. It seems only Firefox supports Devanagari numerals:

Nepali could be included in the list of languages added in T15896, would that be okay?

Hi Niklas,

Sounds great !


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There are no clear instructions where and how this should get fixed, hence removing the good first task tag.