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Move to a new dns scheme for labs: hostname.projectname.eqiad.wmflabs
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I've set up designate-sink to automatically create instances with dns records like <hostname>.<projectname>.eqiad.wmflabs. This is better than the old <hostname>.eqiad.wmflabs scheme because it avoids naming conflicts.

But, lots of things in labs currently depend on the old scheme. So we need to hunt them down and adjust them accordingly.

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  • resolv.conf needs to include the new <project>.eqiad.wmflabs domain.
  • Does the webproxy use dns names or IPs? If the former then that needs fixing

So tools-proxy uses fqdn, and dynaimcproxy also seems to use fqdn.

There's plenty of random code all around on labs that assumes it's hostname.eqiad.wmflabs, however...

Places that will need updating here, off top of my head:

  1. Scap config for beta / staging
  2. Tools infrastructure. I wonder how OGE will deal with being told to use new hostnames. Does it care? Should we just use a mix of both? Unsure. Definitely needs a run through
  3. Some hardcoded paths for beta on deployment-prep

Actually, because of the compatibility setup that @Andrew told me is in place, the immediate urgency of changes is quite little, and things can be converted around at a not-too-harsh pace....

Right, this will only break references to new instances.

New instances should not be an issue as any reference to them will be new. OGE can have its instances renamed without many issues, but it does need to be done by hand.

Coren suggests that we do this by adding a puppet setting labs_old_dns=true for everything. After that, we can pull projects or instances off of dnsmasq one by one via unsetting labs_old_dns.

That will make this a fairly soft transition. We'll need an official drop-dead date after which I stop migrating old-school entries to labs-ns2, but in theory anything that doesn't have labs_old_dns set will already not be expecting those entries to exist.

So... Yuvi, how should we add that setting? I know how to do it in ldap but I bet you'd prefer something in hiera :)

Every labs instance now has puppetVar: use_dnsmasq=true in ldap.

The hard part of this is going to be ldap. Hosts are already entered in ldap as <hostname>.eqiad.wmflabs.

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