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Emit `| -` for `<td>-</td>` rather than nowiki soup
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As @cscott proposed on T88318 , <td>-</td> should not be serialized as |<nowiki>-</nowiki> but instead as | - (with a space to dodge T88318).

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As per this analysis, this is one of the bigger sources of nowiki insertions right now.

Change 229186 had a related patch set uploaded (by Arlolra):
Scrub table cells starting with dashes

Change 229186 merged by jenkins-bot:
Scrub table cells starting with escapable prefixes

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This should be fixed for new nodes. As with T107774, we need to come up with a more general solution for modified content, which may mean doing normalizations after dom diff'ing.

Is it also working for |+ ?

Is it also working for |+ ?

Yes. This will likely be deployed today. However, this will not yet solve all the nowiki issues in this context. Edited content will still see nowikis. I am going to try and tackle that separately in a more general fashion.

I agree that scrubWikitext is probably not the right place for this; we need a more general mechanism to specify possible wikitext escapes other than just throwing <nowiki> around.

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With the deployment today that allows normalization of edited content, i think we can call this done. There are a couple minor tweaks to be done to this, but the nowiki part of this should itself be resolved. Please reopen if this shows up again.