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& converted to & in reference name
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Description shows a & converted to & in a reference name.

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Can you give me a little more information? Did you edit that reference in VisualEditor or did it corrupt a reference you didn't at all touch? Was the only change made to the page the added link at the top?

This will help me debug; I am trying to see if there was an issue with the way VE sent the data to Parsoid.

I can't reproduce this in Chrome or Firefox, either with editing the reference or without.

@Mooeypoo: I've tried to reproduce the issue but haven't been able to either. I'm not the one who made the change, it's just something I noticed as I was reviewing edits made with VE.

I've contacted the user who made the change to ask if they could share their browser & OS information to help us debug this. I'll let you know if they respond.

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I also tested on Windows 7 (64 bit) with 3 versions of Chrome. Can't reproduce. If the user responds and this can be reproduced we can revisit.

The user got back to me and said he used Chrome, but didn't give any other information. I'll let you know if I come across other instances of this issue.

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Provisionally marking as Resolved for now; probably a temporary switch-over issue.