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logins on graphite
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@Eevans has reported he can't login on graphite but he already is in the WMF LDAP group, @coren and I both confirmed that.

Also, the login works for him on Icinga which uses the same groups, and finally, i can't login on Graphite myself either it seems. I simply get a "wrong password" reply but i'm using the same credentials as on Icinga which works fine.

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that said, for Coren it works. and:

# LDAP authentication
AuthName "WMF Labs (use wiki login name not shell)"
AuthType Basic
AuthBasicProvider ldap
AuthLDAPBindDN cn=proxyagent,ou=profile,dc=wikimedia,dc=org
AuthLDAPURL "ldaps://,dc=wikimedia,dc=org?cn"

<LimitExcept OPTIONS>
                Require ldap-group cn=ops,ou=groups,dc=wikimedia,dc=org
                Require ldap-group cn=nda,ou=groups,dc=wikimedia,dc=org
                Require ldap-group cn=wmf,ou=groups,dc=wikimedia,dc=org

I can confirm that for me, my graphite and icinga login are identical (ldap) and both function.

clarification: so i tested the initial login prompt on graphite. The additional login option once the graphite web GUI loads doesn't work for me either.

@Eevans are you clicking the "login" button in the upper right corner in the UI itself and then get the error? like i did? that doesn't work. but as RobH points out the initial pop-up auth from Apache works and is hooked up to LDAP. after that, regardless of the additional login link, you should already be able to see data when you uncollapse the tree on the left hand side.

@Dzahn right, that describes what I am seeing. It was my hope that if logged in I could save graphs, but it sounds like that's not supported.

@Eevans i'm afraid it's not. wondering now if we should keep this bug open to support saving graphs and slightly repurpose it

@Dzahn I can't really speak to how useful this would be, I've never tried it (that's what I was trying to do when I discovered you couldn't login). With an option, perhaps it's not necessary.

I think grafana is the answer for that indeed. Let me close this then. We can always reopen.

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