Problem with namespace specific search
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Author: Eneas

At the attached link you can see an inputbox which should only search trough the
help namespace. But when you search specific terms you get articles of the same

Examples: Vorlagen, Programmierung,...

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bzimport set Reference to bz7318.
bzimport created this task.Sep 14 2006, 6:38 AM

If the searchterm is an exact match of an article in NS0 then this article will
be shown. It seams, that the inputbox button has the function of the "Go" button.

If the search term isn't in NS0 then the search works as requested. Example:

Possible solutions:

  1. Change the inputbox button to the function of the "Search" button Disadvantage: If the search term exists in the requested namespace one more

click is required

  1. Extend the search term with the requested namespace Disadvantage: maybe not possible with 2 or more requested namespaces

Eneas wrote:

Due to usability reasons I would suggest to take the frist solution. Users
usually expect a list of search results because they are used to it because of
internet search engines.

Eneas wrote:

*** Bug 7574 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***

Eneas wrote:

Replaced "searchx" with "fulltextsearch" in Inputpbox.php

I dind't test the patch beacause I don't know how to. Can somebody help me?

attachment inputbox-patch.php ignored as obsolete

robchur wrote:

Comment on attachment 2911
Replaced "searchx" with "fulltextsearch" in Inputpbox.php

Please submit patches (SVN unified diff files) against the changed file, rather
than the entire file itself.

To test the patch is quite simple; does this change to the file fix the
reported problem or introduce the requested functionality, and does it do it
without breaking anything else?

Eneas wrote:

Make fulltextsearch with inputbox available

Here is the requested diff-file. The patch will not break anything. It should
also fix the reported problem. (I still didn't test it)

Attached: inputbox-patch.php

Eneas wrote:

The patch works correctly. I tested it today. What are the next steps?

leon wrote:

Applied in SVN trunk, r19700.

leon wrote:

Man, I always forget to credit the authors in the commit messages for their
patches when they're from Bugzilla :-(
I'm sorry.

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