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Spot check on-wiki messages against prior day's translatewiki updates
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Create a script that can look at the gerrit merge history for Translation updater bot for the prior day and check on-wiki to see if the updates were applied. This could act as a canary for nightly l10nupdate process failures.

If things are working correctly, by 05:00Z or so each day the wiki's should have all of the messages that were merged prior to 03:00Z. If they don't, something is wrong. Ideally messages for MediaWiki itself and all installed extensions would be validated. It should be sufficient to only check a small number of updated messages per component rather than attempting an exhaustive validation. The l10nupdate process shouldn't have a partial failure mode per component.

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all of the messages that were merged prior to 03:00Z

Not all of them. Only the changes to non-English messages whose corresponding English message did not change since the currently deployed version.

Since l10n-update is currently disappeared, I guess this task is not relevant? Please reopen if you disagree.

From side, we are monitoring if the new deployment pipeline will result more frequent deployments in general. Other option is to start doing translation backports via git and have them manually deployed.

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