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Decline T4007 in favor of the #tracking project
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Trying to kill some Bugzilla traditions of duplicating categorization attempts in a bug tracker, let's consider killing T4007: [DO NOT USE] Tracking bug [superseded by #Tracking] and use the Tracking-Neverending project only.

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T4007: [DO NOT USE] Tracking bug [superseded by #Tracking]
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T4007: [DO NOT USE] Tracking bug [superseded by #Tracking]

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I'd rather have Phabricator learn useful features like graphs.

@Nemo_bis: Please elaborate as I don't know what you refer to and how this is related to this task.

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Please just do it. No need to fuzz about it.

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@Aklapper Do you think we can close it? There is no one against it.

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Checked the list of tracking tasks in T4007 for tasks which do not have the Tracking-Neverending project associated and mass-added that project to 36 of the tasks.
Updated T4007's summary and description and closed it as declined.