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hovering on usernames to see links to talk, etc., is useless on mobile devices
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On desktop, hovering over a username of a post or comment author shows links to talk, contribs, and block (for admins).

When I tap a username on a mobile device, these links appear briefly, but are useless, because the tapped user's user page is already loading.

There probably should be a way to get to the user talk page from a Flow comment (see also T93432), but this hover way definitely doesn't work on mobile.

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Is this really a bug per se? Given the limitations of mobile:

  • smaller screen
  • no hover (some mobile devices actually have hover, but it's not exposed in the browser).

you can't fit as much information.

Going to their user page first on mobile may allow us to reduce clutter in the Flow UI on both mobile and desktop .

Well exactly - hover is in general not for mobile devices.

These links shouldn't appear briefly and uselessly on mobile, and there should be some other way to get to these pages. Getting to the user talk page is pretty useful. Getting to the contribs would be nicey some day, too, but I don't expect it to work well on mobile today (how about next year? :) ). Same for blocking. (Blocking talk page trolls while I'm on a bus sounds like fun!)

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