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Title automatically include "curid"
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I noticed that right now redirect page's URL address will change accordingly to the target's wiki title (for example, if [[A]] redirect to [[B]], in the old days the URL will still show "/wiki/A", but now it shows "/wiki/B". I think it could be improved by adding the current revision id, thus it shows instead "/wiki/B?curid=123456789" or something. The benefit is that regular visitors that copy the link will automatically include the current version she's reading at that moment. Now, I know there's the permanent link and cite link to correctly cite, but I don't think it's intuitive enough, and by automatically include it on the URL, it would benefit a lot of people.

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Guessing this is MediaWiki. You need to associate projects when creating a task, otherwise none of the relevant people will see your task.

Autocomplete is not intuitive, and potentially wrong. A dropdown would be better in the "Projects" field. Thanks for associating the task.

I don't think this is needed - this would create

  • B -> B
  • A -> B?curid=123

Why should there be a difference in the url between visiting the page directly and being redirected?