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The "All" and "Other" tabs on MobileFrontend watchlist show Flow gibberish topic ID links instead of topic titles
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The "All" and "Other" tabs on MobileFrontend watchlist shows Flow gibberish topic ID links. Also, it doesn't show topic changes in the "Talk" tab.

What should happen:

  • Stuff like Topic:Se14547daaj65kpa shouldn't be shown. Instead it should show the human-readable topic title.
  • Topic changes should be shown in the Talk tab. Currently they are omitted.
  • Possibly, changes to a flowified talk pages shold be shown only as topic changes. Currently "User talk:Amire80" is shown, and if it's the same change as the topic change, it's unnecessary.

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Come to think of it, ideally the notifications for Flow on mobile should be so good that a watchlist for talk pages shouldn't be needed at all :)

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Part of the fix for this T59154, it is not a complete solution but i think it would help to at least have sensible titles shown without having to visit each place that shows titles.

I think we just need to play Whac-a-Mole with these places. Adding words to the unique ID won't really make this mobile page a lot better. It should say "Topic title on Board name".

QuimGil renamed this task from the "All" tab on MobileFrontend watchlist shows Flow gibberish topic ID links to The "All" and "Other" tabs on MobileFrontend watchlist show Flow gibberish topic ID links instead of topic titles.Nov 15 2015, 2:41 PM
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As a first basic fix, couldn't the mobile watchlist use the same code used by the mobile notifications, where the topic appears in human-readable form?

This might not be the perfect UX solution, but it looks like low-hanging fruit (?) to solve the current problem, which is grave. When new mobile users see "Topic:Sspenndn8ro02k81", there goes their credibility about Flow.

Is this low-hanging fruit solution good first task? Could it be a Google-Code-In-2015 task?

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No time to work on this right now but patches welcome although this might be a little overcomplicated . T109277 might be a better use of time here.

QuimGil added a comment.EditedDec 4 2015, 12:09 AM

Can someone explain in simple terms why the human readable titles that appear in mobile notifications are so difficult to show in the mobile watchlist?

PS: I know not many users check, and watchlists from their mobile device regularly, but this is my true story. :) This bug is the most visible broken aspect of my Wikimedia mobile experience.

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We don't have capacity to reimplement the watchlist anymore then we currently have. The problem with the current implementation is it directly hits the database rather than making use of an api method provided by core to access to all rows in the watchlist. It thus overlooks things like preferences. Continuing like this is unsustainable.

I will make sure this particular feature is added as a requirement to T109277 which aims to increase code quality of the special watchlist code in core to allow it to be skinned for mobile. At very least that work should give us an api/model of the data in the watchlist and simply override the presentation.

Please bear with me a week or so to do this.
Ps. Not sure if declining or merging as duplicate was appropriate here.

Any status is OK as long as the intention is to get rid of the gibberish.