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Proposal for Google Summer of Code 2015
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Name: Okokoh, Benjamin Ekuma

Department: Electronic Engineering (University of Nigeria Nsukka)

Email: ,

Current Work: Amazing School management system with all features(Newsletter Included): []

Languages: PHPmySQL, CSS, JavaScript(AngularJS, Jquery, IONIC), JAVA

I heard about this program(GSOC) from Google Student Ambassador programs in my school. Though academic activities are they, coding is one of a academic activities for electronic engineering students.

Working hours: 7-11pm, 4-7am

It is with profound enthusiasm in the advancement of my programming skills that I wish to work on this project. I am personally very interested in this project. I love the part of the web that makes users communicate.

I Understand the requirement of the project; having known how newsletter modules function in several websites. I may not have handful information but I believe to research and find out what users require and following the new trend of software development; we believe on cross platform web apps with bootstrap

I understand that an extension is not a stand alone app and one must get documentations before he can develop it.

The Development process:

First, as a new developer and a student of Software Engineering, I will start by requirement gathering and analysis where I will study how the existing system works, the documentation and general study on how to make such newsletter system faster with AJAX and SMTP protocol.

The Structure:

I plan to make the interfaces very user friendly; I believe a worldwide standard/accepted designs.

I will use ajax and javascript plugins like bootstrap wysiwyg markdown for admin compose area to support HTML5 email messages, and also support for plain messages.

-Newsletter Scheduler: using PHP CRON JOB functionality, admin can schedule message to deliver in later time and weekly.

-Smart Subscription form and Unsubscribe functionality.

Newsletter subscription API (other sites that display our Content can display Subscription form)
and lots more features as may be found elsewhere(am very good at stealing peoples features)
The Goal:

I wish to use this project and enhance my skills because I believe it will help me (force me) study new things and collaborate with organizations and individuals that I might meet for study. I wish to join the Wiki developers because I love the Wiki way of life.


I will work to achieve your goals from mine.

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