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Switch ProofreadPage to use indicator tags
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From T76284#1138818:

Now would be a good time to consider switching this from loading under content-sub once and for all and use indicator tags instead (renders like top-icon class). All that needs is to select a unique name for the tag and wrap the faux table in <indicator name="prp-Quality-progress"></indicator> but some one else will need to make that a reality code wise.

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The quality indicator progress bar seems like it was made for Indicator tags

Change 675257 had a related patch set uploaded (by Inductiveload; author: Inductiveload):
[mediawiki/extensions/ProofreadPage@master] Use MW indicator in Page namespace rather than div

Thank you for pushing this. I am a bit afraid it might create a backlash with some contributors feeling that the proofreading level is not highlighted enough. It might be nice to start a discussion on the biggest Wikisource communities. A first step is maybe to move the quality level from the <pages> tag and in the Index namespaces to an indicator.

After thinking a little bit (and asking my wife who does not contribute to Wikisource), I have a feeling using an indicator is maybe not highlighting enough the proofreading level information: it's the first thing people are often looking for if they go to a page: page. But I am not an UX design expert so maybe an indicator is good enough.

@Tpt, I have no real preference either way (and if I did, I could use CSS or JS), so closing as Declined is fine by me. I'm just scouting for the quicker fixes in the PP workboard. :-)

@He7d3r @GOIII are you fine with me closing this task as "declined" or do you want to move this forward, maybe by getting feedback from the Wikisource community?

I'm ok with closing it as declined.

Change 675257 abandoned by Inductiveload:

[mediawiki/extensions/ProofreadPage@master] Use MW indicator in Page namespace rather than div


Change not actually wanted