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Cross-link between TPG glossary, meta glossary, and other related glossaries
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Spage pointed out that there is overlap between these two lists. We need to figure out how the two lists can coexist (or not).

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There seem to be other specific glossaries in the mw/wm world, aside from the meta one that S mentioned:

So with that context, having a TPG-specific glossary seems reasonable. Creating matching entries in one or more of the other pages, and cross-linking between the pages might be a reasonable answer. But more discussion is needed, since I'm still new to much of this so don't have a good handle on conventions yet.

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I will reframe this as "make sure the glossaries link to each other, as appropriate".

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I added links from the TPG glossary to the glossaries on mw.o and enwiki, and I added a link from the officewiki glossary back to the TPG glossary. I think that's the best I can do for now.