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Can not use Pywiki Bot in Maithili wikipedia
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Intentions : To user pywikibot general scripts in Maithili Wikipedia :

Steps to reproduce :

Observation :

  • pywikibot.exceptions.UnknownSite: Language 'mai' does not exist in family wikipedia

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This should be working since May 25th 2015. Do you confirm it's working with mai.wikipedia?

@Malafaya How to properly close duplicates:

  1. Go to the existing bugs (in this case T76939)
  2. Click "Merge duplicates in".
  3. Type the task number to merge (in this case this task)
  4. Click "Merge tasks"
  5. ...
  6. PROFIT!

Just commenting is not a proper way to close duplicates.

Thanks. I tried but I got confused as only tasks assigned to me were shown. I hadn't realized it was a selection box.