Create Infobox: namespace on enwiki?
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Author: davidkernow

I would've betted that someone has already suggested the following, but it
appears not - unless I fouled up the searches I just tried (in which case,
Infoboxes seem to've become part of the Wikipedia furniture, at least in the
English Wikipedia. Hence, rather than the many "Template:Infobox..." pages (with
inconsistent capitaliz/sation etc), suggest an "Infobox:..." namespace created.
Regards, David.

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ayg wrote:

In general, changes like this aren't made unless evidence is provided that the
change is generally agreed upon in the wiki at question. Namespace changes are
relatively reversible, unlike some other changes, so the bar isn't sky-high like
for case-sensitivity or whatever, but people with shell access aren't too
interested in bothering if tomorrow it might be agreed that they should change
everything right back.

I suggest you open a discussion at [[WP:VPR]] pointing to a proposal at
[[Wikipedia talk:Infoboxes]] and come back in a couple of weeks with the answer.

davidkernow wrote:

(In reply to comment #1)
Thanks Simetrical; I'll try this anon. Yours, David.

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Marking resolved/later. Reopen the bug when you have
community approval.

Has there been any progress?

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