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[Task] Consolidate "Created a new item" summary line messages
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We currently have 4 identical "Created a new item" messages.

"wikibase-item-summary-wbsetitem": "Created a new item",
"wikibase-item-summary-wbcreate-new": "Created a new item",
"wikibase-item-summary-wbeditentity": "Created a new item",
"wikibase-item-summary-wbeditentity-create": "Created a new item",

But only two for properties:

"wikibase-property-summary-wbcreate-new": "Created a new property",
"wikibase-property-summary-wbeditentity-create": "Created a new property",

Especially the wbeditentity message key is misleading. It caused T93853. It looks like it's supposed to be used as a fallback for unspecified edits but can't used as such.

To do:

  • Find out where the messages are used.
  • Find out why the property messages are missing and if that's a problem.
  • Remove unused messages.
  • Possibly consolidate to a single message for each entity type.

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The first two message keys are not used in the code any more, but must stay because there are still edit summaries with these message keys in the database. qqq.json describes these messages as such. Therefore consolidation is not easily possible (well, it is, but we would lose localization for some of these old summaries, and should only do so if we are sure this is ok). Closing for now as this is a really minor issue probably not worth anybodies time.

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