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Please add a tooltip that tells users to double-click if they want to edit table cells
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The current method that requires double-clicking to start editing the contents of a table cell is neither normal nor intuitive. Please add a tooltip, so that when the user hovers over a cell, s/he'll discover that double-clicking is necessary.

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Related ideas from Thyrduulf on the general subject of reducing this confusion:

"There could be a menu icon that is activated when a table cell is selected (single click) which you click to open the cell for editing. The latter will be more work but might be more accessible. Another option would be a dismissable dialog when a table cell is selected (single click) that says the same as the tooltip - this would get very annoying though and a "don't show this again" option would be essential."

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Double clicking to edit a table cell is normal in quite a few editors. Not sure about using a tooltip, but if we do it should also mentioned that you can press 'enter' too.

I don't know whether it is normal or not in other editors, but it is distinctly non-intuitive in the context of editing wikis. I'm a very experienced editor and have a higher degree of computer literacy than many users, and it took me a few minutes to work out that I needed to double click to edit the contents of a table cell.

Some sort of indication of what you need to do is essential here, and tooltip when hovering over a table cell is how I'd expect to be informed of this, either with or without a menu button that was highlighted. A dialog box is also not incompattible with either, and would be of most benefit to those who are not so comfortable with looking for more subtle cues - exactly the sort of user I thought VE was intended to assist.

Change 200177 had a related patch set uploaded (by Ferdbold):
Added a simple tooltip when hovering table cells. Right now the string is hardcoded, will add i18n support later.

Agree with @Whatamidoing-WMF and @Thryduulf that a tooltip or such would be very useful - I seriously just went to the (still incomplete) documentation to find out how to edit a cell, even though I had used VE to edit tables before.

Change 200319 had a related patch set uploaded (by Ferdbold):
Registered visualeditor-tablecell-tooltip message to VisualEditor MW extension.

Change 200177 merged by jenkins-bot:
Add a simple tooltip when hovering on table cells

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Update VE core submodule to master (2c27ba9)