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BUG: PayPal donation handoff losing recurring option
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Donations selected by donors to be recurring are processing as one-time at PayPal. The handoff to the PayPal donation page loses the selection as recurring. Noticed in Zendesk ticket #142597 PAYPAL 3MN83545NB981771M, and replicated by Caitlin.

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@Juro2351, please remember to associate a project when you make tasks going forward. Fundraising-Backlog is a good one in case you're not sure :)

Change 199661 had a related patch set uploaded (by Awight):
Don't do stupid things with the recurring param

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Followon work: contact victims and ask them if they want to subscribe, still :(

Thank you! We are following up with the 1 donor who inquired. If there's a way to capture the details from the donors who intended to create recurring donations, please let me know.

Change 199661 merged by jenkins-bot:
Don't do stupid things with the recurring param

If we do capture those, I would think we should confirm with Legal about
any further action with them. In some countries they're (at least going to
be) pretty strict about what's displayed on the confirmation page.

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@atgo I think the best course of action is to email them and encourage them to re-sign up.

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@CCogdill_WMF @Juro2351 - please close this as "resolved" when you confirm it's up to snuff