Screen jumps in Internet Explorer 11 when clicking "Bullet list" or "Numbered list" in toolbar
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To reproduce: visit a page like [[Mitre Corporation]], scroll down a bit place the cursor in a paragraph. Select "Bullet list" from the toolbar.

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Notes from reproducing this:

  • Hitting "undo" on the toolbar afterwards doesn't move the screen but does undo the bullet, even after re-orienting the screen back to its original position.
    • This is different than hitting the bullet button again, which removes the bullet but also reorients the screen.
  • Adding a bullet just after adding a citation (so that the pop-up still shows) doesn't move the screen.
  • When the screen is moved, .ve-ui-surface is bumped up to the top of the window frame (top: 0) so that part of it is under the toolbar. The problem is that this should not change.

Following a hint from @Catrope, I used the following to find out if focus was changing on something since focus-changing caused problems in the past:

$(document).on('focusin focusout', function ( e ) { console.log( e.type, ); } );

I verified that messages were being logged when focus changed, but no messages were logged when the screen jumped. So focus changing is (apparently) not the problem.

Using a similar function to the one @Catrope gave me with way too many events, I narrowed it down to a scroll event. Running console.trace() with that one led me to this:

   at Anonymous function (eval code:1:41)
   at jQuery.event.dispatch (
   at elemData.handle (

Now, to find the anonymous function...

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