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feedrecentchanges days is too coarse
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feedrecentchanges days is too coarse. Please also add a seconds parameter.
(From the viewpoint of seconds, you only allow 86400, 172800... seconds.)
Motivation: a cronjob that checks this daily
26 22 * * * GET |sed '1,/<item>/d'
but one worries about not giving it a few more minutes overlap day to day.

Also allow time frames, like UNIX find -mmin +22, -mmin -44.

list=recentchanges already could do this.

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feedrecentchanges doesn't actually handle the 'days' parameter, it calls into SpecialRecentchanges or SpecialRecentchangeslinked which processes the parameters. That sucks, but it's the way it is.

Also, it appears the 'days' parameter as handled by SpecialRecentchanges goes to the day boundary, e.g. days=1 starts at 00:00:00 UTC yesterday rather than 86400 seconds ago. Further, if you want a specific starting time you can use the 'from' parameter instead.

  1. Nobody would have ever guessed this is the case.
  2. Be sure this is all documented there offline.
  3. Using firefox and varying the days parameter shows in fact that "from" is indeed totally ignored anyway!
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