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Avoid opening master db connection on special pages (e.g. Special:NewItem) when not needed
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Not quite sure what is going on here, from the logs:

2015-03-26 14:24:44 mw1032 wikidatawiki: Expectation (masterConns <= 0) by MediaWiki::main not met:
[connect to (wikidatawiki)]
TransactionProfiler.php line 254 calls wfBacktrace()
TransactionProfiler.php line 112 calls TransactionProfiler->reportExpectationViolated()
LoadBalancer.php line 517 calls TransactionProfiler->recordConnection()
GlobalFunctions.php line 3641 calls LoadBalancer->getConnection()
SqlStore.php line 460 calls wfGetDB()
SqlStore.php line 542 calls Wikibase\SqlStore->newIdGenerator()
SqlStore.php line 531 calls Wikibase\SqlStore->newEntityStore()
WikibaseRepo.php line 316 calls Wikibase\SqlStore->getEntityStore()
SpecialWikibaseRepoPage.php line 83 calls Wikibase\Repo\WikibaseRepo->getEntityStore()
SpecialNewEntity.php line 64 calls Wikibase\Repo\Specials\SpecialWikibaseRepoPage->construct()
SpecialNewItem.php line 34 calls Wikibase\Repo\Specials\SpecialNewEntity->
SpecialPageFactory.php line 409 calls Wikibase\Repo\Specials\SpecialNewItem->__construct()
SpecialPageFactory.php line 537 calls SpecialPageFactory::getPage()
MediaWiki.php line 268 calls SpecialPageFactory::executePath()
MediaWiki.php line 571 calls MediaWiki->performRequest()
MediaWiki.php line 422 calls MediaWiki->main()
index.php line 46 calls MediaWiki->run()
index.php line 3 calls include()


Related Gerrit Patches:
mediawiki/extensions/Wikibase : masterLazy initialize db connection in SqlIdGenerator

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No, that's just phab carrying over parent tags.

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this happens not just on Special:NewEntity, but as well Special:NewProperty, SetLabel, etc.

the fix will apply to all these cases and generally for anything that uses SqlIdGenerator.

Options include:

  • extend DBAccess in core, which allows to lazy initialize. (though would prefer to have DBAccess as a constructor param / member variable that we can mock)
  • put LoadBalancer param in the constructor instead of DatabaseBase, which allows to lazy initialize
  • have some other DBAccess object that is non-abstract that we can put in the constructor.
aaron added a comment.Apr 7 2015, 5:33 PM

getLazyConnectionRef() might be useful, though it can through off type-hinting/IDEs for the moment

Change 203353 had a related patch set uploaded (by Aude):
Lazy initialize db connection in SqlIdGenerator

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Change 203353 merged by jenkins-bot:
Lazy initialize db connection in SqlIdGenerator

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