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We haven't really paid attention to SEO issues on Wikimedia sites until now. There are real problems (both technical and with current community practices and policies) that result in poor placement of Wikimedia sites in search engine results page.

This hinders our ability to fulfill our mission, as our readers don't have an easy way of accessing information. For example, poor placement in searches related to current events means that readers aren't provided with relevant content in a timely manner, even though editors are frantically building great articles about those events.

This project will let us track and organize those issues.

  • Name: SEO
  • Description: Issues related to search engine optimization and improvements for web crawlers
  • Type: Component
  • Policy: Default

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I'm not sure we should be tracking problems "with current community practices and policies" on Phabricator. Technical issues should be OK.

Is there more information about current technical problems, e.g. on some wikipage?
Would love to understand the project scope better before creating such a project.

Is there more information about current technical problems, e.g. on some wikipage?

There isn't a wiki page about it. So far this all lives in private emails, which isn't the proper tool for tracking issues. Phabricator is.

@DarTar can give many examples -- how we handle article titles and disambiguation pages is probably the biggest area for improvement. While it's true that the actual titles aren't a technical issue, there are technical mechanisms we can consider to improve discoverability of content through external search engines. An example would be improved public data of the "How do people get here" variety -- helping users optimize titles and primary topics according to the needs of our readers. Similarly, there are many strategies that can be used to improve page metadata, discoverability of multilingual content, etc.

This task is not to discuss the merits of any one idea, but to give folks who have been involved in these conversations a project that can be used to organize them. Appreciate the help with the setup.

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