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Delete or fix failed GettingStarted browsertests Jenkins job
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Failed job:

Do you need help fixing the failing job? If nobody cares, I will delete failing job in a week.

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The job was not fully complete, it indeed depended on passing MEDIAWIKI_CAPTCHA_BYPASS_PASSWORD which is being done with T91220.

It periodically breaks because of some infrastructure issue on Beta T100515: GettingStarted on Beta Cluster periodically loses its Redis index.

I ran the hack to fix it.

@Mattflaschen what is the hack you need to run to fix the problem? The job is failing again with expected ​visible? ​to ​return ​true, ​got ​false ​(RSpec::Expectations::Expectat​ionNotMetError) . :|

On deployment-tin.eqiad.wmflabs:

foreachwikiindblist gettingstarted-with-category-suggestions.dblist extensions/GettingStarted/maintenance/populate_categories.php

Done (that script was meant as a one-time-per-wiki thing, but it also works as a hack to fix this problem). :/