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Table button in Edit toolbar crashes in IE
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Author: audevivere

The "make table" button (first from the left), when in Edit mode in English
Wikipedia, causes the browser to freeze and crash (and people to loose their
edits), if one is using Internet Explorer. It works fine in Firefox. But,
since many folks still use IE, the button should be removed from the toolbar
until it's fixed and works in both IE and Firefox.

Version: unspecified
Severity: critical
OS: Windows XP
Platform: PC



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There isn't a table editor in the software; someone must have added it on the site
so any sysop can remove it.

audevivere wrote:

Okay, I have tracked down the user that made the changes to monobook.js on
enwiki. Thanks.

I've got it work work on IE (6 at least). I know that css for addtabs and many
other things are broken IE7 beta though not the older ones. I don't know what to
say about that is IE's problem. What version of IE is being used here?

ligulem wrote:

I commented out the code for the loading of that button in for now

audevivere wrote:

I have IE 6.0 (which I hardly ever use, except for things like testing and
finding bugs). I'm using Windows XP.

Odd, maybe I was using IE5 then. Having tested IE7 CSD1, it crashes there too.

ligulem wrote:

I may have some strange sort of paranoia, but it seems to me since I had these
new buttons, I had problems with FireFox to copy text from edit fields
with the context menu copy command of Firefox (copy simply didn't work). Since I
switched off the table button, this problem didn't reappear again (but not
enough edits for a clear statistic). Sorry, chances are extremely high that this
is totally unrelated and entierly accidental, but I couldn't resist to report it
here. So please take this as FUD until proven related.

I've modified the code for appearance/simplicity/bug reasons. It seems to work
in IE7 CSD1 now.

dwen92 wrote:

(when it was on the toolbar) It didn't work in IE7 Beta 3, OR IE7 RC1..


inbox wrote:

The (now removed) make table feature on the edit toolbar crashed IE6 (possibly
other version) when used the first time after the browser cache was cleared.