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lang="php-brief" broken
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API:Calling_internally had bad-looking PHP examples. They were using

<source lang="php-brief">

$params = new DerivativeRequest( 

The generated HTML has CSS spans in it like <div class="php-brief source-php-brief"> ... <span class="kw3">array</span>... </div>, but there are no styles for php-brief so the code isn't colored. And there's some weird framing.

The workaround is easy, just switch to lang=php.

To fix maybe lang=php-brief should request its own ext.geshi.language.php-brief ResourceLoader styles module or reuse the php CSS, but it's probably easier to just deprecate it and/or treat php-brief as a synonym for lang=php.

Meanwhile I've deprecated php-brief in

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Change 200302 had a related patch set uploaded (by TheDJ):
Add missing and new languages

Although I support deprecating this language, I was sort of surprised by this.
All style modules for geshi are auto generated so I suspected something more was going on. And indeed something was going on, there was a small problem in the list generator (which also had not been run to update the supported language list after the last update.

Changed the script, regenerated the list of supported languages.

If we want to remove languages, we should probably add a 'black list' and diff the arrays to exclude whatever we don't want to use.

Change 200302 merged by jenkins-bot:
Add missing and new languages

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