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Page size decrease incorrectly formatted for Estonian
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E.g. see this history, where 4-digit page size decrease is formatted as "-2 414" (with a space), while 4-digit page sizes and page size increases are without a space. It is correct that 4-digit numbers should be formatted without a space, while numbers from 10 000 use space as a separator.

Also, correct minus sign in Estonian is minus (−), not hyphen-minus (-).

Edit: If I'm not mistaken then the rule in LanguageEt.php currently doesn't consider negative numbers and what we want is more like the rule in LanguagePl.php.

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Thanks for reporting this.
If you feel like correcting LanguageEt.php, you are very welcome to use developer access to submit a proposed change as a Git branch directly into Gerrit. If you don't want to set up Git/Gerrit, you can also use the Gerrit Patch Uploader. Thanks again!

Also lowering task priority - if this creates severe issues, please elaborate why this should be high priority.

Change 214902 had a related patch set uploaded (by Gerrit Patch Uploader):
Fix to digits grouping rule

Change 214902 merged by jenkins-bot:
Fix to digits grouping rule

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