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Changing ast.wikipedia logo for "10 years of Asturian Wikipedia"
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Hi, I write here from the "request for logos" in wikimedia meta-wiki, I hope it is the correct site. I am bureaucrat at ast.wikipedia, and we need to change the logo of the project to celebrate 10 years. The graphic file was uploaded at commons by one of our administrators and the link is:
I've tried to upload it as "Wiki.png" but the name was in use and was protected, so I couldn't.
Could you please activate it asap? Thanks in advance!!
Kind regards

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Have you discussed this on your wiki?

It'd be easier if you do it through CSS. That's what most wikis do nowadays for temporary logo changes.

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Place the following code in your Common.css page

#p-logo a { 
	background-image: url("//ños_I.png/160px-Wikibola_10_años_I.png") !important

and remove it when it's no longer needed.