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For mobile sites change "Last edited [...] by an anonymous user" to "[...] by an unregistered user"
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For mobile sites* it currently says:
Last edited 2 minutes ago by an anonymous user
But that gives a false sense of anonymity. So I think it needs some discussion whether or not
Last edited 2 minutes ago by an unregistered user
would be a better choice.

Alternatively one could change the IPs to IDs. If that's an idea worth considering I guess this should be a separate task in here.


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"Anonymous" is an established MediaWiki terminology.

"Anonymous" is an established MediaWiki terminology.

Well if it's faulty and/or misguiding terminology it should be changed nevertheless. I really don't see an argument here.

Then start a general discussion for MediaWiki, please. We don't want to deviate from the general conventions.