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Just now we had an outage of gitblit on antimony. Symptom was a very slow response from, and then "Internal error". Solution was to restart gitblit (I didn't find any logs, so root cause is unknown), which took about 2 minutes to start serving requests. During that time we got a different error message from misc-varnish.

Thanks to @mmodell and @hoo for reporting & advice.

Task: improve existing Icinga monitor to detect this condition.

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Even suggested a patch in the past that would let Icinga automatically restart gitblit when monitoring detects it as down but it was rejected for a couple reasons.

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The monitoring isn't the problem, the service is :p This ticket as it currently stands is resolved and has been a long time.

I once suggested to let icinga auto restart gitblit when it goes down but that was rejected. See the Gerrit comments for reasons.

So there is like nothing to do here. Except that gitblit is unstable which we already have on T83702.

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monitoring and notifications works: example from IRC:

17:35 < icinga-wm> PROBLEM - on antimony is CRITICAL: CRITICAL - Socket timeout after 10 seconds
20:31 < icinga-wm> RECOVERY - on antimony is OK: HTTP OK: HTTP/1.1 200 OK - 62383 bytes in 0.116 second response time

We even have both, running process and http from external.

gitblit process monitoring: http monitoring: