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It is impossible to copy the timestamps of Flow comments
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I want to be able to copy the "3 days ago" and the "March 26, 2015 5:39 PM" without having to open the HTML inspector in my browser. Flow doesn't let me do so. :-(

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See also: T94648: Examine the use of Elapsed vs Exact timestamps in Flow

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Note: It is possible, but it's not obvious how to do so.
If you click-and-hold just to the right of the "elapsed" timestamp, and then drag to the left, you'll end up with a highlighted & copyable "exact" timestamp.
" March 29, 2015 10:18 AM " from

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Could include both explicit and relative timestamps, but then the interface gets busier

There are probably other options? needs design consideration

Could include both explicit and relative timestamps, but then the interface gets busier

I suggested this option in our standup meeting, based on how gmail shows Mar 22 (12 days ago) - but only for anything up to 2 weeks old. After more than 2 weeks, gmail just shows the exact date.
This would also fix the mobile mouseover impossibility: T93437: Flow: There is no way to see the precise timestamp on mobile web

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