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Provide 'Support request' tool labs project
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(idea to be discussed)

It might be useful to have an 'support request' project to formalize requests via IRC. If we can move 'Coren, can you check XX because it isn't working'-type requests to phabricator easily, and also provide some sort of SLA for a response, we can prevent people from having to repeat such support requests over and over again on IRC. This prevents frustration for the user, reduces the amount of noise in the channel /and/ provides a written log of things that break.

As for the SLA, this should be at least 'these tasks will be triaged before any requests made on IRC', but preferrably something like 'these will be triaged within 24h during the week and within 48h during the weekend'.

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urgh, you want to store support requests alongside actual tasks?

Yes and no. I'd like to have them in phabricator, but not mixed in with the actual to-do list (hence a new project). It's much better to have them here, as phabricator is searchable and it's easier to make sure all requests get attended to.

I like the idea of directing all issues to Phabricator not least because it provides a record that others can revisit to see how similar issues have been resolved in the past.

I'm not so sure whether it is useful to have a separate Phabricator project for that, though. IMHO we should use the existing Toolforge project and just once churn through the "Triage" column.

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I think that's a fair solution, and I'd like to add a big thank you for essentially clearing out the Triage column!