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Prevent JS breakage on cached pages that refer to _mwq
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On, I noticed references to _mwq in inline script blocks in the HTML. These are the result of rMWe912197b0988, since reverted in rMW2b6eb60ce53c. However, the revert does not seem to take into account the fact that WMF caches HTML for logged-out users for 30 days. The code to "Process the deferred inline script queue" probably needs to be retained for a while to prevent site JavaScript from breaking the moment 1.25wmf23 is deployed to Wikipedias.

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I noticed this too. However it's already been 10 days and it wasn't deployed for more than a few days, so only a small fraction of the Varnish cache contains this right now, and in 20 days it'll have dropped off completely.

The fallback is graceful, it just means there's virtually no javascript execution. It doesn't result in any errors. We've got higher priority / more visible errors in deployment to worry about right now.

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