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Garbage collect orphan jobs workspaces on slaves
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@Legoktm and @Krinkle unified a lot of jobs (ex: npm). We had the old jobs deleted on the master but the workspace remain on slaves.

Since MediaWiki extensions jobs have a full copy mediawiki/core (will get rid of it with T93703) we should get Jenkins to get rid of the old workspaces on slaves when a job is deleted.

There is apparently no support for it, so we will have to write some kind of garbage collector.

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I already wrote a script to do this and ran it on the production slaves, but haven't on the labs ones. Shouldn't be too hard to do.

Awesome @Legoktm! Can you send the script in a git repo? integration/config.git /tools/ comes to mind.

Beware that workspace directory can be prefixed with '@n' where n > 2 is added by Jenkins to avoid workspace conflicts for a same job running concurrently on the same instance.

1#!/usr/bin/env python2
2from __future__ import unicode_literals, print_function
4# CC-0
6import os
7import shutil
8import sys
10delete = '--delete' in sys.argv
12with open('jobs.txt') as f:
13 jobs = set(
15path = '/mnt/jenkins-workspace/workspace'
16#path = '/srv/ssd/jenkins-slave/workspace'
17for workspace in os.listdir(path):
18 if workspace.split('@', 1)[0] not in jobs:
19 full_path = os.path.join(path, workspace)
20 print(full_path)
21 if delete:
22 shutil.rmtree(full_path)

jobs.txt is a list of all the jobs that currently exist in jjb, generated by rm -rf output && jenkins-jobs test config -o output && ls output > jobs.txt

I ran it on all the labs slaves yesterday.

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That is less of a concern now that most jobs are running on disposable instances. As such there is less need to garbage collect workspaces.