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Create Flow board at English Wikipedia page "Wikipedia:Article request workshop"
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I would like to create a Flow board at "Wikipedia:Article request workshop." I think this would be the first Flow board to not be a talk page (though I suppose the talk page should also be a Flow, for consistency's sake).

The Article Request Workshop is a proposed experimental workflow for requesting new articles, set up as an experiment in parallel to the existing Requested Articles system. While Requested Articles relies on a few dozen lists, sorted according to topic, this system would have one topic per requested article, which is then tagged into one or many categories. This allows a centralization of the different efforts to catalogue the missing articles of Wikipedia, uniting WikiProject-specific requests (such as this one maintained by WikiProject Women Scientists) and WP:RA. (Eventually Flow should allow arbitrary aggregation of topics, but in the meantime this system will make use of a template-based triage system that sorts topics into categories.)

Once this is set up, I intend on notifying WikiProject Requested Articles and the talk page for Requested Articles. The reason why I am setting this up as a separate system is because (a) it's very experimental and (b) the current system is very established and I don't want to disrupt what's going on there right now. That said, I may migrate some or all of WP:RA to this new system.

(This idea is inspired by

Proof of concept is here:

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Hi James! I can enable a page for you, no problem. I'm really glad that you're including Flow in WikiProject X, and I'm excited to see how people use it.

I have a couple of questions before I flip the switch...

Is there any kind of community buy-in that needs to happen? There was a minor kerfuffle last summer when people were surprised by a couple of test pages that we put up. That got settled, and I don't expect to see anything like that again, but we'll want to make sure that it's clear to anybody who comes by that this was requested by WikiProject X.

Also, is it okay if you take it pretty much as-is at the moment? We're in the middle of some big feature releases, and we've made a bunch of promises to people we're working with on various language WPs. The upside is that you're getting some cool new stuff, like the VE integration & toolbar, but if you've got special feature requests, then we may not be able to jump on them right away. Is that okay with you?

Hi Danny, as far as the community aspect goes it is my understanding that the section he's requesting is for a proof of concept that we can work out the kinks in and then present as an alternative for the community.

@DannyH, I am not sure what community buy-in would need to happen. If I am not mistaken, the kerfuffle you are referring to happened because you set up Flow within an existing system—as an adjunct to that existing system, but within that system all the same. I am deliberately creating this as a standalone feature so that we can experiment with this new tool without breaking anything else. If people don't like it, they don't have to use it. I personally prefer trying new things and then deciding how they can be made better.

Flow is fine as-is. It's not perfect but I am not expecting perfect. The combination of Flow and triage templates should work for this purpose.

@Mattflaschen, how soon will that bug be fixed? I wouldn't want for it to be a blocker, but if it can be fixed relatively soon I can wait. Especially since I wouldn't want adoption of this workflow to be hindered by old categories not being removed as different proposals advance through the process. (For example, rejected proposals would still be listed as pending proposals.)

@Mattflaschen, how soon will that bug be fixed?

Don't know. It's probably not that complicated, but we haven't estimated or scheduled it yet.

Okay, let's do it.

James, can you put a link on the WikiProject X page to the WP:Article request workshop, before I enable the page? It doesn't have to be big or prominent. When I enable the Flow board, there's no edit summary where I can explain who it's for, or why I'm enabling it. Having a link from WP:X will let people know that I'm not going rogue and pulling April Fool's pranks. :)

Just ping me in IRC when you've put up the link, and I'll enable the board.

Also, we talked about the categories bug today, and yeah, that looks ugly. We'll definitely work on it.

What's done here and what's left to do?

I think at this point the task can be closed as resolved; the task was to create the Flow board, and the task is now done.

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Sounds good to me.