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Watchlist notification bubble changed appearance on enwiki
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Clicking the watchlist star at enwiki, creates a notification-bubble. Today, the appearance of that bubble changed, but only on enwiki.


qA9odM7.png (182×713 px, 21 KB)


xVh7DxV.png (253×604 px, 31 KB)

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Cannot reproduce on en.wp with Firefox 36 on Fedora 21. Looks like "Previously" here.

(Plus no deployment since March 25 on en.wp (except SWATs that I didn't check) and don't see anything in about .mw-notification-area either.)

It's now visible at beta:

No longer visible at enwiki. Screenshotted:

Screenshot_from_2015-03-31_12:25:56.png (1×1 px, 298 KB)

Screenshot_from_2015-03-31_12:25:32.png (1×1 px, 373 KB)

Confirming, and on en.wp in Vector skin I see this CSS for positioning:

.mediawiki .mw-notification-area-layout {
  top: 7em;

while I don't see that CSS on
But there's also the difference about the addedwatchtext string that I have no idea about.