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distribution upgrade for wikitech-static instance
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wikitech-static is precise. should be upgraded to trusty. it shows up in stuff like T55259 where it can't support Apache 2.4 with ECDHE ciphers.

are we going to "do-release-upgrade" here in place or reinstall?

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10:29 < andrewbogott> mutante: regarding wikitech-static, that’s a VM. So I’m sure it would be better to build a fresh one rather than try to upgrade it.
10:31 < mutante> andrewbogott: ok, i made a ticket for it. i don't necessarily see a difference whether it's virtual or not, but more that it's not puppetized obviously

quote from

"A (non-puppetized) cron on wikitech-static runs /usr/local/sbin/ which copies the files from wikitech and installs them. "

beware of more non-puppetized things that would all have to be found out before reinstalling this

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Meanwhile this was done in T126385 and is on jessie.