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Flow should allow hiding read messages from [[Special:Notifications]]
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It would be great if we could hide the read messages from [[Special:Notifications]]. This could be the default behavior, and a toggle button could allow one to show the read messages when needed. Such a change would make the special page to behave more like LQT's [[Special:NewMessages]].

See also T97057: Visiting Special:Notifications should not mark notifications as read

Context from T93109: T1. Convert unread LQT notifications into unread Flow notifications:

Kind of, but not exactly. Flow notifications use an inbox metaphor (stuff doesn't get marked read without you explicitly opening the topic or marking it as read), but it's not intended you keep accumulating messages forever. There is a 2000 limit. Also, there is no way to mark unread (T94061), and it's not really designed for easily navigating a massive number of notifications (you *can* have 1999, but the experience isn't really intended for that).

Indeed we are not talking about thousands of threads. Usually I have about 10 to 15 threads "sticky". Never seen "Special:Notifications" before. Just found it and figured out how to access it without directly typing the page name. But enhancing this special page with T94061 will be cool. Also removing threads and not just marking them as read will be nice.

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