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Placeholder: Create 'about collection' page that is linked to from intro overlay
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Let's see what the dropoff numbers look like before we prioritize to this

Luis pointed out that explaining what a collection is might be helpful to most users.

On this overlay, place a "learn more" or "?" that opens a layer defining collections.

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I'm going through old cards, clearing unclear ones to try and identify cards that volunteers should push forward and build. This one seems unclear. Could you please close it as declined or update the description if you think there is something actionable here that a volunteer could build?

To clarify the request: there was no way, from the collections UI, to learn what a collection *was* or why one would want to create one. This presumably put a crimp in the funnel.

(It was reported in another bug which presumably had more detail; not sure what happened to that one- appears not to be linked here.)

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This task was declined as part of a batch-decline related to sunsetting the Gather project. Please ping (politely) if this task should be reopened. For more information, you can also see here: